Artist Statement from 2014 art show: 

As city kids, we broke the rules. We were dangerously defiant,

constantly chasing adventure.  

Concrete structures were our playgrounds.  Barb wire

fences our trees, old sewers our creeks, 

and asphalt alleyways our forests. We memorized the

trails of forgotten railroad tracks; urban arteries that spread

 through the city. Befriending the streets rejects

underneath its bridges, we became familiar with the

stench of urine, spray paint and crack smoke. We learned

to see the dark beauty in decay, falling in love with

what society ignores.


Some places are off limits to the obedient. But to us, no

trespassing signs are invitations. Just as wilderness explorers

ascend unchartered mountain peaks, we summit water towers and

billboards. We infiltrate old buildings and tunnels, 

their secret entrances like passage ways to hidden ruins. I feel

lucky to be one of the few to experience the remains of

these decrepit structures. Their bodies still occupied by

the energy of their former lives, lingering memories still

echoing in their walls. I breathe in that history, fueling me

with adrenaline and inspiration, and I create art. 

My paintings exhaling new life onto dying canvases: a rebirth,

a repurposing, or just a final farewell.